HiyaHiya Steel 20"/50cm Fixed Circular Knitting Needles

  • HiyaHiya Steel 20
  • HiyaHiya Steel 20
Options from a tiny 0.7mm up to 7.0mm

Our flexible cables and seamless joins are teamed with high quality stainless-steel tips to offer strength, with a hollow construction for a lovely lightweight feel. These fixed circular needles ensure that stitches glide effortlessly over the needle tips
NZ$ 16.00 including GST
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  • Hiya Hiya 147"/120cm Steel Circular
    NZ$ 15.50 each
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  • Hiya Hiya 12"/30cm Steel Circular
    NZ$ 12.50 - 13.50
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  • Hiya Hiya 9"/23cm Fixed Circular
    NZ$ 14.00 each
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  • Hiya Hiya Bulky Fixed Circular
    NZ$ 21.50 each
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