BC Garn

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The Danish-born yarn company BC Garn is the brand with most GOTS certified yarns in the whole industry. As of today already 12 yarns are fully certified and more to come. In addition to that for the first time a cruelty-free mulberry silk yarn will be introduced: Jaipur Peace Silk. Before the silk cocons are harvested, they are cut at the top so that the worms can escape before the cocons are processed any further. It is our aim to develop BC Garn as THE brand offering the largest selection of mindfully produced yarns in the industry.

BC Garn has been in the market since 1996 when it was founded by Bo Carstensen, who was the son of a weaver and a rug wool trader. Later his wife Marianna joined the company which was situated in Kolding on the Baltic Sea. Their focus has always been the development of natural fibre yarns in a wide shade palette. For some years now, some of their yarns are even GOTS certified.

In spring 2018 Marianna and Bo handed “their baby” over to Britta and Carsten Kremke, who will continue the yarn, color and design style in the tradition of the Danish founders. Almost all of the yarns are produced in Europe, except Soft Silk comes from the typical silk country India and the Babyalpaca is produced in the country of alpacas, Peru.