Cowgirl Blues Fluffy Mohair

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The luxurious blend of kid mohair and wool is light, airy and incredibly soft. It’s a lovely weight that we describe as Aran/double knitting-ish, and it’s versatile. You can knit or crochet it using a needle or hook ranging from 5-15mm depending on the effect you’re after.

Have you knit with mohair before? Experienced or beginner this incredible material is the yarn for you. It’s a great medium thickness mohair yarn. And there are loads of options for what you can do with it, from beanies and neckwarmers to lightweight or heavy sweaters and even big throws. Also the colour combinations are gorgeous. We hope you’ll feel inspired!

Mohair is called “the noble fibre” and not for nothing. It has quite unique lustre, resilience and incredible colour shine. South Africa produces more than 50% of the global mohair supply. The country is also renowned for the best quality mohair fibre. South Africans farm angora goats “free-range style” in the Eastern Cape’s Karoo region. At the same time the industry body works hard to ensure that farming practices are sustainable. As a result the entire value chain is ethical and responsible, so you can feel really good about using this yarn because we know where it comes from and how it’s produced.

At Cowgirlblues we guarantee that our yarns are hand-dyed. However you can visit our studio if you’re ever in Cape Town, and come and see for yourself. Because we hand dye, there is some variation between skeins, so if you’re planning a bigger project please include a note for us. We’ll ensure everything you order comes from the same dye batch.

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