CocoKnits Accessory Roll

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  • CocoKnits Accessory Roll
  •  Grey
  •  Craft
  • CocoKnits Accessory Roll
Available in Craft or Grey.
Contents not included.
NZ$ 85.00 including GST
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An outer wrap containing 4 removable triangular pouches.  Comes with 3 additional colours of elastic band for customisation.

Made of a sturdy washable paper.  Washing softens it and creates a worn look similar to leather.

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  • CocoKnit Accessory Roll
    Delighted Cocoknits Accessory Roll, it has 4 compartments to organised, triangle in shape. Each compartment is removable, and open up so you can see what you need, your stitch markers, darning needle, tape measure, scissors, stitch holders. The compartments snap back into their place with easy, rolling back into place, secured with 2 colourful bands. This accessory roll, is small, and well contained, makes taking your knitting requirements easy to take anywhere, I would highly recommend it I love mine.
    Posted: 2021-12-01 by Bev

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