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  • CocoKnits Project Portfolio
  • CocoKnits Project Portfolio

"Like many knitters, I am mostly digital these days...but there is something so appealing about a good pencil and paper - I don’t think I’ll ever give them up completely.  But how to travel with book, journal, worksheets, magazines, patterns...and maybe also a tablet or cell phone and pencil? I started with the idea of a Japanese travel journal, with the elastic bands to secure books and magazines. Then played around with layers of kraft fabric to create pockets for tablets, patterns, pencil and cell phone. The entire portfolio is washable and you can change out the elastic to personalize the colors. Stylish and organized - what’s not to love?"

Contents featured in pockets are not included

NZ$ 75.00 including GST
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Project Portfolio - a sturdy folder with pockets and several courses of elastic around the spine to hold notebooks, magazines, etc. 

Pockets hold loose patterns (or other loose papers), place for iPad/tablet. 

It is made of washable paper that gets limber & leather-like with further use & washing. (It's the material Levi's labels are made of).

Washing instructions: Washing softens the material creating a worn look similar to leather. To wash, simply remove the elastic, machine wash on gentle in cool water. Squeeze and crumple while damp to encourage wrinkles and texture. Re-shape and allow to air dry.

Measurement: 30.5 x 23 x 2 cm

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