HiyaHiya Crochet Hook Set

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  • HiyaHiya Crochet Hook Set
  • HiyaHiya Crochet Hook Set
15 hook set with sizes from 2mm to 15mm

Aluminium hooks for sizes 2mm to 10mm.
Acrylic hooks for size 12mm and 15mm.
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These 17 high-quality, HiyaHiya crochet hooks come in various sizes, all neatly stored and presented in a traditional Chinese brocade case. HiyaHiya crochet hooks are beautifully smooth to ensure your yarn won't get caught when you are crocheting.

The Crochet Hook Set contains the following:

1 x Aluminium crochet hook 2.00mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 2.50mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 3.00mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 3.50mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 3.75mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 4.00mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 4.50mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 5.00mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 5.50mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 6.00mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 6.50mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 7.00mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 8.00mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 9.00mm
1 x Aluminium crochet hook 10.00mm

1 x Acrylic crochet hook 12.00mm
1 x Acrylic crochet hook 15.00mm

All presented in a fully lined traditional Chinese brocade case.

Please note that the colour of the cases and crochet hooks may vary. (3rd photo shows actual colour in stock)

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