Isager Silk Mohair

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ISAGER SILK MOHAIR is with its blend of 25% silk and 75% super kid mohair a beautiful, soft and shiny yarn with a light and fluffy structure. We use it primarily together with other yarns, but it is also beautiful used individually perhaps especially in a simple design. A structured pattern will not show in this yarn, unless the Silk Mohair is knitted together with another smoother yarn. As Silk Mohair is soft and fluffy, some shedding must be expected both while knit ting and from the finished project. The shedding will deteriorate in time but please consider with which garments Silk Mohair is worn. Isager Silk Mohair is of finest quality with long fibres which reduce shedding. 

ECO-colours, which are easily recognized by the brown natural coloured labels contain no dyes and are made using blends of natural mohair & silk.